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Understanding Emergency Procedures for Schools

To help you understand the terminology used to describe a school’s response to potential crisis and/or drills used to practice our response, the following is a brief description of the terms you may hear when receiving a message from the school and/or district:

Lockdown: If there is a potential threat within and/or on school grounds, a lockdown is called. All main doors and classroom doors are locked and entry/exiting is not permitted. Students are moved to a secure place in the classroom, where they are not in view by anyone.

Shelter-in-Place: If there is a potential threat within the community or its surrounding areas, a Shelter in Place is called. During this process, all main doors and classroom doors are locked and entry/exiting is not permitted. Different from a lockdown, teachers may continue teaching.

During the case of any emergency, it is our first priority to maintain the safety of our students. Once we have ensured that every student is accounted for and safe, we will do our very best to keep parents informed of the progress of the situation at hand. Please refrain from calling the main office or attempting to pick up your children, as this distracts the staff from their efforts to assist in maintaining a safe environment for your child.

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