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Board of Education Office
High and Lehigh Streets
Dunellen, NJ 08812
Phone: 732-400-5900
Fax: 732-968-3513

Mr. Gene Mosley, Superintendent of Schools email
Mr. Brian DeLucia, Business Administrator / Board Secretary email
Mrs. Amanda Lamoglia, Director of Special Services email
Mrs. Sandy Hoy-Weiberth, Director of Curriculum and Instruction email

Mr. Jeffrey M. Portik, Board President - 3 year term expires 12/31/21 email
Mr. George Johnson , Board Vice President - 3 year term expires 12/31/20 email

Board Members:

Mr. Jason Anderson - 3 year term expires 12/31/20 email
Dr. Isaias Noel Gendrano III - term expires 12/31/19 email
Mrs. Lisa Howard - 3 year term expires 12/31/19 email
Mr. John Osborn - 3 year term expires 12/31/19 email
Dr. Kenneth Sanders - 3 year term expires 12/31/20 email
Ms. Faith Thompson - 3 year term expires 12/31/21 email
Mr. Gerard Trotta - 3 year term expires 12/31/20 email

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