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Staff Directory

You are welcome to email staff members. The email address of our staff is formed by using their last name followed by the first initial and then adding @dunellenschools.org.


DHS Administration

Title Name Extension
Principal Paul Lynch 2305
Vice Principal Cuyler Tobin 2315
Principal Assistant Valerie Panzarella 2300
VP Assistant Isabel Sam-Garni 2310
Area Name Extension
Athletic Director Dave DeNapoli 1065
AD Assistant Robin Carmody 1060
Special Services and Guidance
Area Name Extension
Spec Serv Director Amanda Lamoglia 1055
Spec Serv Secretary Pauline Kline 1060
District Learning Disabilities Specialist Carlyn O'Regan 1053
District Psychologist Hiromi Cardosa 1056
District Social Worker Ashley Yerovi 1054
Nurse Lori MacManus 2330
Student Assistance Counselor Lisa Leibowitz 2326
Guidance Assistant Silvia Switzer 2320
Guidance Counselor Kristen Yorkanis 2322
Guidance Counselor Al Trafford 2321
Area Name  
Art Larry Roibal  
Band Sean Ferguson  
Computers James Santiago  
Drama Ryan Spector  
English Keith Boyle  
English Anthony Lowenberg  
English Sandra Pinheiro  
English   Vance Kupiec  
English Shannon Pair  
English/History Edward Zukowski  
ESL Tatiana Jordan  
French Michelle Thorn  
History Dana Orsucci  
History Catherine Lancelot  
History Michael DeLucca  
Industrial Arts John Shimko  
Librarian Mary Ann Greczek  
Librarian Assistant Deborah Ryan  
Math David Miller  
Math Zachary Knapp  
Math Ina Macalalad  
Math Eric Tseng  
Math Kim Roussey  
Music Phyllis Piano  
Physical Education Tim O'Sullivan  
Physical Education Daniel Hummel  
Physical Education Howard Horowitz  
Physical Education Alyse Obermeyer  
Physical Education Tammy DelRosario  
Science Timothy McGovern   
Science Patty Bodak  
Science Jessica McCarthy  
Science Nick Pavel  
Spanish Tyler Aftab  
Spanish Asela Laguna-Mourao  
Spanish Eric Holmberg  
Special Ed. Teacher Jacqueline Dickerson  
Special Ed. Teacher Jessica Francisco  
Special Ed. Teacher Sean Murphy  
Special Ed. Teacher Jenel Bramante  
Teacher Aide Catherine Walsh  
Teacher Aide Teresa Albertson  
Teacher Aide Mary Kay Breckenridge