Working Papers

A PDF of NJ Working Papers is available here:

Student and parent/guardian will need to complete Section A. The employer will complete Section B and the student’s physician’s office will complete Section C.

After those are completed, parent/guardian can email a scanned copy of both the working paper form and the student’s birth certificate or passport to [email protected].   Please send these items in PDF form, preferably using a scanner.  If you do not have a scanner, take a picture using a cell phone. For iphone it is done in “NOTES”. For an Android there are several apps that can be used, such as Adobe Scan or CamScanner. 

Ms. Sam-Garni will review the paperwork and either sign it and return it, or contact parent/guardian with any issues. After the completed form is returned to parent/guardian, it can be printed and returned to employer.

If you have any questions, you can email  Ms. Sam-Garni  at [email protected]