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Preschool Program

Faber Elementary School Integrated Preschool Program

2022-2023 School Year

The Integrated Preschool Program provides an opportunity for typically developing 4-year-olds and special needs preschoolers to be educated together.  Classes will consist of 15 to 20 students, several of whom require Special Education services, with the remainder being typically developing 4-year-olds.  The program is offered five days per week from 8:30 am to 2:10 pm.  Our Integrated Preschool Program utilizes the state-approved, research-based Tools of the Mind Curriculum that helps young children to develop the cognitive, social-emotional, self-regulatory, and foundational academic skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.
The class will be led by a dual certified Preschool/Special Education Teacher and one instructional aide.
Your child must be four years old by October 1, 2022, and must be independent when utilizing the bathroom.  If you would like to apply for the Dunellen Integrated Preschool Program, please complete this application form. 
Admission into the Integrated Preschool Program has the following requirements:
  1. Completed application; which is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Dunellen has the capacity to accept 16 typically developing peers.
  2. Application submission serves as a waitlist and does not guarantee a spot.  Central Office will contact families based on the waitlist.
  3. Non-refundable tuition deposit received.
  4. Registration completed with Central Office.
Tuition: For the 2022-23 School Year, the cost of the Integrated Preschool Program for Dunellen residents will be $5,000.  A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration in the amount of $500 and this will be applied to your June 2023 tuition.  The remaining nine monthly payments of $500 are due before the first day of the month beginning on September 1, 2022.  Non-Dunellen Residents will be considered at an annual tuition of $6,500 and the tuition will be billed quarterly with the first quarter's deposit due upon completion of the application. 
APPLICATION FOR WAITLIST:  The waitlist for the 2023-2024 School Year is now open as of Monday, April 3rd.  Please use the below link to join the waitlist.

Preschool Bridge Care Program

Anyone enrolled in the 2022-2023 Preschool program can sign up for the Preschool Bridge Care Program.  The program is from the end of the preschool day (2:10PM) until the end of the school day at Faber School (3:00PM).   Students will be dismissed at 3:00PM along with the other Faber School Students or parents have the option to continue their child's day in our Aftercare program for an additional charge.  Students participating in the program will receive a snack and a drink each day along with care services.  The Preschoolers will be monitored by a dedicated staff member and they will be in our AfterCare room.  Cost of Preschool Bridge Aftercare Program:  $100 per month and registration for this program is ongoing.

Preschool AfterCare Program   

AfterCare provides supervised care for our Faber students and is offered five days a week from 3:00 PM until 6:00 p.m. District instructors and certified staff supervise with the assistance of qualified aides.  If you need more information or if you are interested in signing up for AfterCare Services, please go to the AfterCare tab of the Faber School web page.  Registration for 2022-2023 is not open but seats are unlimited and any student who attends Faber School is guaranteed a seat in our AfterCare program.